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Breath therapy

Breath therapy

Breathing may seem automatic, yet using breath to heal and relax is an art form. Much of energy you use comes from breathing. Oxygen is required for every cell in your body. If you do not breathe well, your body cannot function at an optimum level.

Did you know that we use only 10-20% of our lung function on a normal working day? Imagine how much more energy you could have by breathing better.

We all breath differently depending on what activity we are doing – our breath is different when we are sleeping than when we are awake. You may notice that you breathe differently when you’re getting your mail and when you are having a difficult conversation. Often, we continue to rush when we should be taking time to relax.

Breath therapy allows you to connect with your breathing. It is a self-healing and transformative process.  Connecting to your breathing allows you to focus on integrating thoughts and emotions while creating space for calm reflection.

Price € 150 per session 

Breath therapy

Tijdens de ademtherapie leer je verbonden ademhalen. Dit is een zelfhelend en transformerend proces. Verbonden ademhalen zorgt voor de integratie van onderdrukte gedachten en emoties. Hierdoor creëer je meer ruimte en verheldering in je onderbewustzijn.

Breath therapy aftercare

Price Breath therapy

Breath therapy € 150 per session

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