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Eyelid correction

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Eyelid correction

Drooping/overhanging eyelids and sagging under-eyes can make you look and feel tired. An Overhanging eyelid can also cause impairments in sight. An eyelid correction can manage these problems and give you a fresh new look.


What exactly is an eyelid correction?

An eyelid correction removes excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids. When an eyelid correction is performed for cosmetic reasons, you can achieve a fresh new look. An eyelid correction may also be done for medical reasons if the upper eyelid is drooping and causing issues with sight and/or other complaints. Regardless of the reason, both procedures are performed in the exact same way.


Who is an eyelid correction suitable for?

Maybe you’ve been considering an eyelid, but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’ve looked in the mirror and seen a tired, worn face. Even if you’re well rested, you may benefit from an eyelid correction. An eyelid correction is not just suitable for cosmetic reasons. There may be medical issues that can be managed with the help of an eyelid correction. A drooping eyelid can limit your sight or cause headaches due to muscles straining to keep the eye open. Regardless of the underlying reason for your eyelid correction, it is important to first determine if you are suitable for the procedure. The best way to do this is by requesting a free consultation with our surgeon Dr.Thanya Tha-In.


How does an eyelid correction work?

Preliminary examination

There are different types of eyelid corrections, all of which have a different intended outcome. To determine whether you are suitable for the surgery and to determine which technique best suits your desired outcome, a preliminary examination is required. During the preliminary exam you have the ability to ask any questions you may have. Photographs are taken and added to your medical file. With this exam we aim to give you a realistic expectation about the process and results.

Treatments with Eyelid correction

Upper eyelid correction

In the case of an upper eyelid correction, part of the skin is removed above the upper eyelids.  Skin on the upper eyelid may droop to such an extent that the excess skin falls over the eyelid and eyelashes. This can cause limited vision and, because it takes more effort to keep the eyes open, headaches. Removing part of this excess skin can resolve this problem.

During the treatment, the eyes are marked with a pen, so that the surgeon knows exactly what excess skin to remove. The skin around the eyes is anesthetized. You may experience an unpleasant/uncomfortable sensation when the anaesthetic is injected, but it is not painful. Once the anaesthetic takes effect, your eyelid will be numb and you will not feel anything. An incision is made in a specific place so as not to cause scarring and the excess skin is removed. The incision is then sutured and the stitches can be removed one week after surgery.


Prices from € 950 
Lower eyelid correction

A sagging lower eyelid is caused by excess skin and/or excess fat. Prior to treatment, our doctor will determine exactly how much skin or fat to remove. The area is marked with a pen and disinfected. The excess skin or fat is then removed through a small incision on the inside of the eyelid. This technique produces no visible scars. If it is not possible to make an incision inside the lower eyelid, a small incision is made on the lash line to minimize any scarring. The wound is then sutured. Stitches can be removed a week after surgery. In some cases, it may be possible to use a different technique where subcutaneous fat layers are repositioned between the eye and the nose.


Price from € 1300  

Eyelid correction and aftercare

  • In most cases, paracetamol is sufficient for relieving any pain after the procedure.
  • We advise you not to drive on the day of surgery.
  • Contact lenses should not be worn for at least two weeks after surgery
  • Makeup can be worn after stitches are removed and once any scabs have fallen off.
  • We advise you not to smoke. Smoking can increase the risk of complications and slow the healing process.
  • We advise you not to expose the scars to UV light/sunlight (tanning beds) for at least 3 months after surgery.


Aftercare for the incision site/wound

  • We advise you to use special cooling glasses for 15 minutes every day after the operation. Place a gauze between your eyes and the glasses during cooling.
  • After surgery, you may have bruising and swelling, which may prevent you from completely closing your eyes.
  • Do not attempt to remove the stitches yourself.
  • You can shower the day after surgery. Pat the wound dry after cleaning it. Do not use wiping motions to dry the wound.


Our advice after treatment

  • You can minimize pain and swelling by sleeping with an extra pillow to prop you head above the rest of your body.
  • Do not bend over, attempt to lift heavy objects, cough, or sneeze for at least one week following surgery.


Aftercare and follow-up

  • After 7-9 days, you will have your first follow-up appointment. During this appointment, the stitches and bandages will be removed.
  • Approximately 6 weeks after surgery, check with your doctor to see if anymore follow-up is required.


What are the possible complications after an eyelid correction?

  • As your doctor will discuss with you, complications may occur during each treatment. These include, but are not limited to:
  • infection
  • excessive bleeding
  • Wound healing disorders
  • Cysts around stitches

Prices Eyelid correction

Upper eyelid correction from € 950
Lower eyelid correction from € 1300