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When the inner labia extends past the outer labia, this can lead to issues and complaints. When this occurs a labiaplasty may be necessary.


What is a labiaplasty?

In the case of a labiaplasty (labia correction), the inner labia is reduced in size. This can be done for cosmetic or medical reasons. The inner labia’s size is reduced so that it is contained within the outer labia.


Who is a labiaplasty suitable for?

If your inner labia is so large that it protrudes beyond the outer labia, it may be obstructive and cause physical and psychological complaints. you may be obstructed here. Physical complaints may include pain when performing certain activities like: cycling, horseback riding, or other sports. Wearing tight close may also cause pain. General pain may also be present regardless of the situations previously mentioned. Psychological complaints may include feeling ashamed of the way your vagina looks. If you are suffering from one or more of these physical or psychological complaints a labiaplasty may be right for you.


When is a labiaplasty inappropriate?

No two women are the same. No two vaginas are the same. Do you feel like your vagina looks different from everyone else’s, but are not suffering from any of the physical or psychological complaints mentioned above? It’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a ‘standard or average’ vagina. At this point, you have to ask yourself if/how this procedure will contribute to your wellbeing. If the labia is not fully formed then a labiaplasty is not possible. The operation can only be performed on clients who are over the age of 18.


How does a labiaplasty work?

The consultation

During the consultation, our female surgeon will ask you about your concerns, complaints, and wishes. Our doctor will also examine your labia. Based on the above and your particular anatomy, we will advise you on what is possible. If necessary at this stage, photographs are taken so you can compare them to the final result. During the consultation, you will be given the opportunity to have all your questions answered. If you have any doubts or concerns, please express these to the doctor. We understand that this is a delicate matter about an intimate area and want to take the time necessary to make you feel comfortable.


Is a labiaplasty safe?

Although a labiaplasty is a relatively simple procedure, there are risks involved. After the operation, excess bleeding can occur. The wound may become infected or inflamed and in some cases the area around the incision may become numb and can remain that way after recovery.

The labia is naturally asymmetrical. With a labiaplasty we aim to achieve the most symmetrical results possible, but perfect symmetry is not guaranteed.


Is a labiaplasty covered by my insurance?

A labiaplasty is a procedure that is generally not covered by insurance. However, if the operation is done out of medical necessity some health insurances may cover a portion of the costs. If you are considering a labiaplasty, we advise you to consult with your insurance company to see if any of the costs of the procedure are covered.

Treatment Labiaplasty

The operation

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. It is a relatively simple procedure, which will take up to an hour on average.

Before the operation, the part of the labia that will be removed is marked. Through an incision on each side, excess skin and tissue is removed with a scalpel or  to be removed is marked on the pubic lips. Through an incision in each shampoo, excess skin and tissue are removed with a scalpel or diathermy. The wound is then sutured with dissolvable stitches so they do not need to be removed at a later stage. Any scarring should virtually disappear as the wound heals and within six months to a year after the procedure.

Price € 1450 

Labiaplasty and aftercare

After labiaplasty, significant swelling may occur, so it is important to use a cool compress immediately after the procedure. You can use an icepack or a bag of frozen peas for this. Continue to use a cold compress on the swelling for several days after the procedure. It is also important to make sure the wound stays clean. The wound should be rinsed twice a day and cream can be applied. After the procedure, there may be some excess blood. Sanitary pads should be used to contain any excess blood.

In the first four to six weeks after the procedure, we recommend you refrain from strenuous physical activity. This may include: physical labour, heavy lifting, cycling, and sports. Sexual activity is also not recommended during your recovery period.

Price Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty  € 1250

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