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Tha-In Clinics is attached to one of the highest rated cosmetic clinics in the Netherlands. We specialize in injectables and plastic surgery. Our clinic was born of love. Love for beauty, for passion, and for the story behind each client. The team at Tha-In Clinics represents the customer, quality, and attention to detail – and you’ll notice it right away.

Our doctors are highly qualified and fully trained in the latest treatments and techniques. We only work with quality products. With us, “you” are the centre of attention. We take ample time to understand your needs and wishes. Perhaps you have been thinking about a particular procedure and have very clear idea of ​​what you want. Or you only have an idea or direction, in which case we can advise you. Whatever it is, we are here to cater to your needs. Together we will create a complete treatment plan to subtly accentuate your own beauty. After your treatment, the rest of the world will only see a new radiant you and that is our goal.

We know that outside beauty is only half the story. This is why Tha-in Clinics also pays special attention to your inner-beauty. Our clinic is designed to make you feel completely at ease. We also advise on yoga, breathing, and mindfulness techniques. When your mind and body are in balance, you can conquer the whole world with your beautiful smile.



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Our motto: ‘The subtle accentuation of your natural beauty produces the best results.’

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